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Change currency symbol in spree

I am using spree 1.3.3 in my rails application with INR currency and want to convert its symbol to '₹'

In spree, money gem is used for money and currency conversion which takes old symbol 'Rs' for INR currency.

As in spree there is no default configuration to set currency_symbol, we have to provide :symbol option which will be set by money gem.

To do this , I have override initialize method of spree's money class .

First you have to check that your application is able to load ../lib/**/*_decorator.rb . If not, please configured your rails app to load it.

In config/application.rb add -

# Load Lib decorators

Dir.glob(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), "../lib/**/*_decorator*.rb")) do |c|
  Rails.configuration.cache_classes ? require(c) : load(c)

In /lib/spree/money_decorator.rb

   def initialize(amount, options={})
     @money = ::Money.parse([amount, (options[:currency] || Spree::Config[:currency])].join)
        @options = {}
        @options[:with_currency] = Spree::Config[:display_currency]
        @options[:symbol_position] = Spree::Config[:currency_symbol_position].to_sym
        @options[:no_cents] = Spree::Config[:hide_cents]
        @options[:decimal_mark] = Spree::Config[:currency_decimal_mark]
        @options[:thousands_separator] = Spree::Config[:currency_thousands_separator]

        # add currency_symbol
        @options[:symbol] = '₹'

        # Must be a symbol because the Money gem doesn't do the conversion
        @options[:symbol_position] = @options[:symbol_position].to_sym

Now it works, the money gem takes care of :symbol and use it to convert to currency with our custom_symbol '₹'