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Custom product search scope in spree

I am using Spree 1.3.3 and I want to modify the product search scope in spree.

####To modify the product serach scope for Store.

Override the lib/spree/core/search/base.rb file. In this file override the protected method get_base_scope. Apply whatever condition you want to apply on base_scope in this method.

Suppose I want to display only approved products on my store side so the condition will be :

def get_base_scope
  base_scope =
  base_scope = base_scope.where({:status => "approved"})
  base_scope = add_search_scopes(base_scope)

####To modify the product search scope for Admin.

Override the app/controllers/spree/admin/products_controller.rb file. In this file override the method collection. In this method apply what ever condition you want to add on @search.result

Suppose I want to display only unaproved products at my admin side then my collection method will be :

def collection
    return @collection if @collection.present?
    params[:q] ||= {}
    params[:q][:deleted_at_null] ||= "1"

    params[:q][:s] ||= "name asc"

    @search = super.ransack(params[:q])
    @collection = @search.result.
      where({:status => "unapproved"}).

    if params[:q][:s].include?("master_default_price_amount")
      # PostgreSQL compatibility
      @collection ="spree_prices.amount")

And finally just restart your server and you are done.