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Resolved: create_yetting_class: undefined method 'each' for nil:NilClass

In this blog we are going through some issues which I faced while upgrading gem twitter and their fixes while deploying rails app on production.

Running a ruby script tweetstream.rb using Yettings in Rails production environment .

while running a tweetstream.rb using Yettings in production with command :

While running script with Yettings, an error occurs for config/enviornment .

  tweetstream.rb:11:in `require': cannot load such file -- /Users/prachi/work/cuberoot/rubybeats/aggregator/config/environment.rb (LoadError)
  from tweetstream.rb:11:in `<main>'

To fix this error, added following code with using File.join in tweetstream.rb file .

  root = File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__))

  # added following code to require following files with correct path
  require File.join(root + '/..', "config", "environment")

Running daemon on rails production env by using gem daemons-rails .

The file config/daemons.yml is added by installing gem daemons-rails .

When I started a daemon by running :

$ bundle exec ruby lib/daemons/tweetstream_ctl start

Got an error like :

releases/log/ file not found.

So, to load the correct log file set dir option in config/daemons.yml to correct log path.

  dir_mode: script
  # set a correct log directory path here
  dir: ../../../current/log
  multiple: false
  backtrace: true
  monitor: true
  ontop: false