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Tutorial 2 - Clojure Web Application Using Noir

In this tutorial we are going to cover how to apply form validations in Noir.

Open src/finance_manager/views/welcome.clj file write following code in it.

(:require [noir.validation :as vali])

(defn valid-budget? [{:keys [budget_date budget_amt]}]
  (vali/rule (vali/has-value? budget_date)
             [:budget_date "Budget Date Is Required."])
  (vali/rule (vali/has-value? budget_amt)
             [:budget_amt "Budget Amount Is Required."]) 
  (not (vali/errors? :budget_date :budget_amt)))

The above function will check that all the fields confirm to the rules, such as budget_date and budget_amt are provided.

The rule have following form:

  (rule passed? [field error])

If the passed? condition is not met, add the error text to the given field.

We will need a helper for displaying the error on the page:

(defpartial error-item [[first-error]]
  [:p.error first-error]

Modify the /addbudget page as:

(defpage "/addbudget" {:keys [error]}
     [:h2 "Add Monthly Budget"]
     [:div.error error]
     (form-to [:post "/addbudget"]
        (vali/on-error :budget_date error-item)

        (label "budget_date" "Select Budget Date")
        (text-field "budget_date")
        (vali/on-error :budget_amt error-item)

        (label "budget_amt" "Budget Amount")
        (text-field "budget_amt")
        (submit-button "Add Budget")
        (reset-button "Cancel")

Modify the [:post "/addbudget"] page as:

(defpage [:post "/addbudget"] budget
  (if (valid-budget? budget)
           (db/add-budget budget)
                 (resp/redirect "/homepage")
                 (catch Exception ex
                   (render "/addbudget" (assoc budget :error (.getMessage ex)))
       (render "/addbudget")

If the budget is valid then it will add the record in the database. And if the budget is not valid then it will render to "/addbudget" page and displays respected errors on that page.